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Q: Do you re-cut and polish my old marble dining table into smaller sizes?

A: No, we do not offer re-cutting services.

Q: Does your company do repair work for old marble products, like table, cabinet, bath tub ?

A: No, we do not offer repair services.

Q: Does your company take in old marble products like coffee table or dining table and help to sell it?

A: We could help to sell your table for free when you become our customer. We do not buy old table from customer however we could help to look for buyer for a fee of $50 per selling price below $1000 or 5% of the sale price above $1000.

Q: Do you custom made Marble and Granite dining table to our size and design?

A: We specialize in customisation of both Granite and Marble table to your need in our factory. e.g. from 2 seaters to 10 seaters dinning table or bigger.

Q: I have a few pieces of granite tiles left over from my granite floor tiles and I would like to use them for making a telephone console and how much do you charge?

A: We do custom made telephone console. Our custom price starts from S$299 onwards.

Q: Do you have marble/granite top for old sewing machine's legs?

A: Yes, please contact us.

Q: Do you polished old marble table top with cracks?

A: No, we do not offer polishing service at this moment.